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We are driven by wood, the passion for design, the creation of value, quality, the sustainable development of the region, and the satisfaction of each of our clients. We firmly believe that ideal manufacturing is one that consists of designing solutions that simplify processes, promote technological innovation and social development.


With more than 40 years in the wood market, our experience is guaranteed and places us in the market of the great international suppliers of the furniture and carpentry industry, with the capacity to satisfy the requirements of all types of projects, complying with the highest quality standards.


Our Vision is to consolidate our recognition at a national and international level thanks to the quality of the manufacture of custom products. Our leadership over the years has transcended the borders of our country and our region, managing to work over the years with world-renowned brands in the field of design, architecture, hotels, and residential developments.


Satisfy the needs of our clients with personalized manufacturing solutions, which add value through design, personalized furniture manufacturing, and carpentry for the hotel, real estate, corporate, and especially for the furniture manufacturing industry.


We invite you to learn a little about the history of Invisa, from our foundation in 1982, to the incorporation into the export sector and our first steps in the development of wood products for the tobacco industries, and the change that transcended borders in the international industry Of furniture.

At Invisa we love what we do and that is why we always follow the path of honesty and compliance as the main pillar of our company, we always do what we say.


Quality has always made us shine as a team, we deliver products that exceed our customers' expectations and we react immediately to any errors, always seeking continuous improvement.


We love to create and innovate, we contribute ideas, we constantly renew ourselves and we believe that technological innovation, together with human development, is the engine of development in our region.


We live with passion in everything we do, we know how to listen and react, we believe in the development of people, in being agents of positive change, in creating new ideas and being innovative.


We keep our promises and we always run that extra kilometer, we face challenges with effort, creativity, and intelligence, identifying the needs of our clients.


We know that together we are better, as a team we complement each other, we better coordinate work, we create trust, and we genuinely care about the well-being of others.


We are aware of the effort required for the company to continue its successful path, and that is why the investment in staff training is constant. Only in this way, our craftsmen, carpenters, cabinetmakers, engineers, architects, operators, painters, designers, project managers, and export logistics specialists will be able to maintain the prestige that the INVISA brand has in the world.


Thank you for visiting our website, if you wish to communicate with us, you can do so via WhatsApp in the application icon, by email, by calling our factory, or by filling out the contact form below.